Welcome to Arena, rebyata!

Challenge yourself in gladiator fights in the hidden arenas of Tarkov,
organized by the mysterious Masters and led by the Host.

Bets are made

Play the competitive PvPvE first-person shooter with tactical team modes.
EFT: Arena perfectly combines the hardcore mechanics of Escape from Tarkov and fast-paced gameplay of session matches.

Equipment ready

Choose rating and role presets for equipment depending on the rank of the player and the chosen role:

Two games, one character

Win games, and your character's level, skills and weapon mastering will grow in both EFT: Arena and Escape from Tarkov. And vice versa.

Rank matters

Earn rating in ranked games
and play against opponents of equal skill.

Big arsenal

Use weapons, mods, medicine and other items
from Escape from Tarkov.
Escape from Tarkov: Arena
Pre-order now and get a unique gear set from The Chronicles of Ryzhy series protagonist!

Game modes

Last hero
Round robin tournament - each team plays against each other in solo, duo or trio modes. The two teams with the most victory points meet in the final to determine the winner of the tournament.
2 teams of 5 players fight for victory in 7 rounds. Capturing objective points on the map after the timer expires will also lead to victory in the round.
PvE missions for 5 players. The goal of the team is to clear the location from waves of enemies, complete the given objective and evacuate to a safe zone.
Deathmatch between multiple players. The goal of each player is to score the most kills in the allotted time.

Game locations

  • Sawmill
  • Bay5
  • Air pit
  • Equator
    • The bowl
    • The box
    • Resort
Sawmill Sawmill

An old private sawmill on the outskirts of Tarkov. Rumored to be a concealed back-up TerraGroup Labs command post with an autonomous control system.

Bay5 Bay5

A former TerraGroup Labs secure cargo warehouse in the port area. An iconic location with a new look.

Air pit Air pit

A terminal hall of the city airport, transformed by local thugs into the Arena for death fights.

Equator Equator

A makeshift Arena for gladiator fights, redesigned out of the Equator-2 shopping mall.