Escape from Tarkov: Arena makes its esports debut at DreamHack Hannover

21 November, 2023

Battlestate Games will become an Official Festival Partner and will make the esports debut of its game Escape from Tarkov: Arena to DreamHack Hannover this December. Battlestate Games will host the first-ever tournament for the new hardcore shooter game on-site. Six professional teams will compete on a dedicated stage for a prize pool of €100,000. 

EFT: Arena is a new project in the Tarkov universe, a hardcore competitive tactical PvPvE first-person shooter that perfectly combines familiar hardcore mechanics of Escape from Tarkov with fast paced gameplay of session matches. Players will take part in gladiatorial battles in various arenas of the city of Tarkov, organized by a mysterious group of Arena Masters led by the Host.

Nikita Buyanov, Game Director of EFT: Arena, says: “We are excited to debut Escape from Tarkov: Arena in Germany to demonstrate our ambition in taking our esports endeavors to the next level. Developing an esports title has always been part of our EFT: Arena roadmap and the immense popularity and community demand have proven that we are on the right track.” Nikita adds: “We see DreamHack Hannover as a great stage for us to showcase the new title and an opportunity to engage and grow our community with esports and other experiential activations on-site.”

You can ask questions and get exclusive comments from the developers from December 14 to 17. Press inquiries can be sent to [email protected]