How to purchase a pre-order
23 August 2023

In order to purchase a pre-order, you need to have a registered account (registration/login). Then you need to go to the pre-order page located on the main page of the site.

WARNING You will only be able to launch the game if you are in the same region in which it was purchased. Your current region can be found at the bottom of the pre-order select page. You can read more about the pre-order regions here.

Once you have selected the pre-order package you are interested in, you need to click the "Pre-order" button, confirm that you are over 18 years old by clicking "Accept", make sure the region is suitable and pay for the purchase in the way that is most convenient for you. 

It is worth remembering that different payment methods imply different commissions. The final cost can be seen by selecting a particular method. If you have problems with the payment, you need to contact Xsolla support to solve the problem. 

Enjoy the game!

Trial keys

To get you acquainted with the Escape from Tarkov: Arena project, we can provide temporary access keys. The validity period of such keys varies from three days to two weeks.

You can get trial keys in various ways, for example:
- Giveaways on various streams.
- Giveaways by the BattleState Games official representatives.

You can activate a trial key on your profile page on the official website.



After the key activation, your pre-order will be displayed as active in your game profile

After the trial period expires, it will also show in the profile that the pre-order has expired.

After the trial key has expired, access to the Game will be terminated, but you can pre-order it on the official website of Escape from Tarkov: Arena.