How to gift a pre-order
23 August 2023

In order to purchase a pre-order key as a gift, you need to have a registered account (registration/login). Next, you need to go to the pre-order page located on the main page of the site. 

Next, you need to go to the page by clicking on "Buy as a gift" at the bottom right of the page.

Next, you need to select the pre-order region, the number of copies, confirm that you are over 18 years old and pay for the purchase.

After payment, the gift will be sent to the current email address associated with the account, in the form of a key. Give a friend this key, and they will be able to activate the version you purchased in their profile by clicking "Activate promo code". If you have not received an activation code, you can resend it. To do this, go to the profile page and at the bottom right click on the envelope button opposite the transaction you are interested in.

Please note that if the promotional code contains the European version of the pre-order, the region will change.