Shootout game mode
23 August 2023

Shootout is a round-robin style tournament where each team plays against the others.

The two teams with the highest number of victory points meet in the final battle, where the winner is decided.

There are three options for team sizes:

  • solo - a team of one fighter
  • duo - a team of two fighters
  • trio - a team of three fighters

Depending on the team size option, matches can last from 1 to 2 rounds. The final fight always takes place in the format of 3 rounds - up to two victories.

Victory in the round can be earned in two ways - completely destroy the enemy team or, if the victory condition is not met in the main time of the round, then an overtime objective point is activated, which must be held for a certain time.

If the participants for the finals cannot be identified by the main score due to the fact that two or more teams have the same number of points, then the finalists are determined by additional points, which are scored for the entertainment - kill streaks, first blood, clean victory, etc.

Shootout Trios - four teams of three people, each fight consists of two rounds

Shootout Duos - six teams of two people, each fight consists of one round

Shootout Solos - eight one-man teams, each fight consists of one round (this option may be changed in the future)