403, 404 error on our website
23 August 2023

Sometimes, when trying to enter the Escape from Tarkov website Escape from Tarkov: Arena, you may encounter Error 403. It indicates restriction or not having access to the content of the page you’re trying to load.

First of all, we recommend clearing the cache and cookies in your browser. Check out the guides on how to do this for the following popular browsers:

Google Chrome 
Mozilla Firefox

Some sections of the forum are only available for accounts with an active pre-order, and when visiting them through a direct link, you may encounter Error 404. This error indicates that the requested page was not found. To view the page, you need to make sure that you are logged into an account with an active pre-order.

You may encounter Errors 403 and 404 when trying to access the register pageyour profile, or the support page via a direct link. These pages are available only for authorized users. To solve the problem, make sure that you have logged into your account on the website in advance.

If the error persists, you need to create a support ticket using an alternative Internet connection (for example, a connection via a mobile phone), or send an email to [email protected] specifying your public IP address (you can find it at https://2ip.io), a description of the situation and a full-screen screenshot of the error.